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Dontaye Garrett

Since August 2019

Dontaye is based in Lansing, East Lansing, and Battle Creek Michigan. Certified with Xtreme in August 2019, he also holds a NASM certification as both a personal and group trainer. As a former high level athlete, he was always taught to continuously keep his body in the best shape possible! Look good, feel good - so he embarked on a life saving journey to help share his gift and passion of fitness with the world. One class and one client at a time.

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Shantell & Genell

Since November 2018

Identical twins and fit moms based in Texas, they have been Certified Xtreme Hip Hop Instructors since November 2018. They offer classes in the Dallas and Fort Worth Texas area. They are USATF Level 1 Certified Group Fitness Instructors since 2015.

Michelle Redmond

Since October 2018

Michelle lives in Statesville, North Carolina and has been an Xtreme Hip Hop instructor since October 2018. She teaches Xtreme Hip Hop in her hometown of Statesville and travels to teach the Master Class. She has always had an interest in sports and transitioned to being a fitness trainer in 2011 holding certifications in the dance fitness formats Zumba and Mixxedfit.

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Shirelle Currence

Since October 2018

Shirelle lives in Statesville, North Carolina. She teaches classes in both Statesville and Charlotte, NC, and was in the first certification group of certified instructors for Xtreme Hip Hop in October 2018. Shirelle first became involved in fitness in 2017. She is a certified group ED instructor and is also certified in MixxedFit. Shirelle has a “make it fun” attitude and strives to help people ease into a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Derrick Ketchen

Since August 2019

Derrick, most commonly known as "Superman” has been a certified Xtreme Hip Hop instructor since August 2019. Superman’s Xtreme class are known for their high levels of energy, originality, and music. Derrick is a trained NASM Master Trainer, is very committed to fitness and has received over 30 fitness certifications during his fitness journey including certifications from multiple brands like Zumba (Strong Nation), Beachbody (P90X, PiYo, Core De Force), NESTA Muay Thai Kickboxing, USA Boxing, ACE, TRX.  "Superman’s" motto is "Be All In, Go All Out”. He motivates his clients, teams and classes to become the best version of themselves.

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Ashley Montgomery

Since December 2019

Ashley is based in Edmond, Oklahoma. Certified with Xtreme Hip Hop in December 2019, she also holds certifications in Spin with ASFA and both Nutritional and personal training Certifications with NASM. She started her fitness studio in honor of her late brother and strives to share her passion for fitness and fun combined with her purpose to impact and serve people with everyone who walks through the door. Her motto is “You get back what you put in.” 

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Sekoya Waddy

Since December 2019

Sekoya lives & teaches Xtreme Hip Hop in the Austin, TX area. She became certified with Xtreme Hip Hop in December 2019 after she was introduced to Phil and the Xtreme Hip Hop brand by some of her students who said "you should teach this!" She also holds a certification in MixxedFit. Sekoya's passion is to help others on their health & wellness journeys as she continues her own.

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Christina Moran

Since March 2019

Christina from Maysville, Kentucky has been certified with Xtreme Hip Hop since March of 2019. She has also been a gym owner, personal trainer and fitness instructor for 15 years and credits Xtreme Hip Hop for building a better community, relationships, inspiring weight loss successes and passion for changing lives.

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Dr. Samantha Davis, DPT

Since August 2019

Dr. Sam is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Holistic Healthcare Advocate and resides in Chesapeake, Virginia. Certified with Xtreme Hip Hop in August 2019, she has always had a love for health and fitness and was a collegiate basketball player. Dr. Sam’s classes are full of high energy. Her motto is “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”. She is honored to be a part of the Xtreme movement that is helping to positively change lives around the world.

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Since March 2019

Antoinette is based in Miami Gardens, FL, where she also holds her classes. She's been an Xtreme Hip Hop Instructor since March 2019, certification class number 8. Antoinette is certified in group and personal training with ISSA. Antoinette's motto is "It's all about PROGRESSION," and I'm here to help you progress...