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It's time to BURN it ALL by Fall! Summer is in full swing and SO is our NEXT Challenge!


Phil has issued a challenge for ANYONE who wants to lose or maintain weight, as well as those interested in toning!


Burn it ALL by Fall is the 21st installment in the Ultimate Burn Challenge series:  a supportive Challenge born from the spirit of Phillip Weeden's live classes!

ALL NEW content!  Workouts are a combination of  Xtreme Hip Hop (Step), Xtreme Burn (Cardio), X30 (Weights)

We're also continuing  nutritional support through meal planning! This is something you've asked for and we are happy to offer as a supplement to our program.

All fitness levels are welcome!!! We look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals!

For this 90 Day challenge, you’ll join our Exclusive Private Facebook Group. (The workouts are ONLY posted IN the private group, meaning if you do not have Facebook you won't have access)

Those interested in competing for 5 THOUSAND DOLLARS  will submit photos, stats and measurements by 8pm EST July 11th (detailed information available after registration)

We will post short (10-15m) workouts Mon-Th. You can do them any time, any place!
We encourage you to offer support and motivation to others in the challenge group.

Plan A - Workouts Only  $30
Plan B - Workouts AND weekly meal plans $60

- Positive Mindset
- Less than 20 minutes a day for 90  days!!!
- 5lb weights (Or water bottles)
- Aerobic Step -->

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